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Motorized Patio Screens

Motorized retractable screens are perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces, these custom made and professionally installed screens give you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, protection from insects or a bit of privacy. The screens are there when you need them and retracted, out of sight, when you do not.

Dallas Motorized Patio Shades Texas

Imagine a world without a fixed screen to obstruct the view from your patio, porch, lanai, veranda, or balcony. Imagine a world where at the touch of a button you instantly screen your exterior living space. Imagine a world where you can leave your garage door wide open and work freely with superb ventilation and protection from pesky bugs and mosquitos.

Vinyl MotionScreen™

Using vinyl with motorized screens enables you to control the temperature in your outdoor living space. In cooler months, it’s designed to keep the warmth in and the weather out, and for hotter months it’s perfect for keeping cooled air in your Dallas covered porch or patio area.

Vinyl Dallas, TX patio shades

Cable Guided Motorized Screen System

Cable Guided Retractable Patio ShadesNot every home or application can utilize our zipper-track system, so for those instances, we created the MotionScreen Cable-Guided system. This allows the same clean look that we are known for, while allowing you to block the sun in those troublesome areas. While these will not provide a bug-free environment, some areas of the world simply don’t have a bug issue. Enjoy your area, while blocking the sun, and all at the push of a button.

Our cable-guided systems utilize stainless steel hold-downs to anchor them into either the floor/ground or a wall/post. The guides are made of stainless steel airplane cables, and anchored both inside the housing unit of the MotionScreen, and at the base. Ideally these are intended to simply block out heavy sun, or keep light winds at bay while you enjoy your patio.

Motorized Screen Warranty

For further peace of mind, our screens come with a full warranty to protect homeowners. If there is something wrong, we will take care of it. We stand by our products and craftsmanship. Our business is making sure your home is comfortable and enjoyable.

Expand Your Living Space

Create more usable square footage by converting your covered deck or porch with motorized screens or vinyl, which can act as walls. If you own a hospitality business you can create four season rooms so outdoor areas can be used by customers all year long.

Motorized screens and vinyl for commercial applications Dallas, Flower Mound

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