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Expand Your Living Space With Vinyl Screens

Motorized Vinyl Screens-Flower Mound
For far too long, areas like porches, verandahs and patios have been considered a semi-outdoor extension of a home, rather than an integral part of it. Driven back inside by sun glare, harsh weather, or pests, often homeowners consider these spaces comfortable only in very specific weather conditions, and sometimes entire seasons make them essentially unusable. That means that these same homeowners are missing out on the comfort, relaxation, and views these outdoor entertaining areas have to offer – but they no longer have to!

Modular, Durable, and Innovative

Smart design, superior materials, and technology have now combined to get more “living” out of your outdoor living space with products like vinyl patio screens and motorized vinyl shades for your porch and patio. Unlike permanent screening, windows, “sun room” extensions, and sliding doors, vinyl screens can be installed without significant construction or the need for complicated permits. They’re the perfect choice for the homeowner that would like both an open-air patio as well as the comforts of an enclosed porch, but doesn’t want to choose.

The Benefits of Motorized Screens

Sun exposure changes, of course, as the day progresses. What’s comfortable and welcoming in the morning may feel oppressively hot or bright by lunch time. Motorized screens allow you to thwart sun glare with the push of a button, ensuring your morning cup of coffee is as comfortable as catching up with a favorite novel in the afternoon. When pests like mosquitos and gnats threaten your outdoor entertaining space, there’s no need to cut your socializing short. Simply lower your motorized screens all the way, and relax – no annoying bug zapper or sputtering citronella candles required!

A Four Season Fit

Flower Mound motorized vinyl screensBecause the mechanisms for motorized vinyl screens and motorized mesh screens are so low profile, they can be mounted either at the door frame(s) of your porch or patio, or recessed to keep them entirely from view. Dual-material systems, which incorporate both a vinyl screen and a traditional mesh screen, give you the option to transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort, no matter what the season. From cozy on a snowy day to breezy in the spring, all you’ll need is a favorite chair and a few friends to truly “bring the indoors outside.” This is a particularly useful feature when entertaining groups of friends in the summer – which could make your living room and dining room feel a little crowded. During the holidays, having an on-demand enclosed porch can also make opening gifts or setting up a buffet-like eating area a lot easier.

Stargazing and Quiet Time

With so many individuals working and learning from home, it can be hard to enjoy a quiet moment in the busy, shared space of a home, particularly with larger families. Motorized vinyl screens make it easy to “carve out” space for reading, resting, relaxing, or even participating in hobbies that might disrupt the rest of the home, such as practicing with musical instruments. Imagine what you could do with an extra room in your home. Now imagine if it was so easy to create one, it could even be controlled by your smartphone: that’s the flexible benefit of motorized screens and vinyl.

Using Your Home’s Potential

You wouldn’t ignore a bedroom or closet in your house, would you? You naturally want to get the full value out of your home and use every square foot of space available to you. Whether it’s for storage, entertainment, displaying decor, or simply living life, you deserve to get the most out of your home – and that includes the porch, patio, or verandah. When weather, bugs, sun, or other outdoor issues make it difficult to truly enjoy your Flower Mound home to the fullest, motorized screens and motorized vinyl screens let you adjust it to your liking. Avoid sunburn, bug bites, and uncomfortable chills or heat waves quickly and easily – all without needing construction permits or fundamentally changing the look and feel of your home.

Expand your home – and your idea of how your outdoor spaces can be used – with the addition of durable, attractive screens. It’s the best choice you’ll ever make for your porch or patio!

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